9 Canceled Netflix Shows that Should Be Renewed

In 2020, Netflix canceled a bunch of shows from their Network. Some of them were unexpected and was due to pandemic. We have listed 9 canceled Netflix shows 2020 which should have renewed. If you want to add some other shows which you think should have been renewed by Netflix, please comment below.

9 Canceled Netflix Shows 2020

  1. I Am Not Okay with This

    I Am Not Okay with This is one of the canceled Netflix 2020 show. This show was one of the unique and interesting shows which ended in a cliffhanger in the first season. Unless Netflix renews it, we might never know what happened after that explosive season finale. If you have not seen the show then this shows is about a teenager who navigates and explores her life when she found about her new superpowers. This show is based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel.

  2. The Society

    The Society was initially renewed for a second season in July 2019 after it became an instant hit with both critics and audience but it was shockingly canceled due to the pandemic. The reason for the cancellation was given an increase in budget and scheduling difficulty due to the pandemic. Out of the list, this series has a higher chance of returning because the script for the second season is already complete

  3. Spinning Out

    Spinning Out follows a figure skating Olympic hopeful struggles to her personal life and her professional life. After the successful first season, the show was canceled.

  4. Altered Carbon

    Altered Carbon was canceled by Netflix after the 2 seasons. It was canceled probably because of its lower viewership than Netflix’s expectation. This sci-fi show follows the world after 300+ years in the future where society has already been transformed by new technology. In this new world, human bodies can be interchanged and people can be revived by implanting a chip.

  5. Insatiable

    Insatiable which was released in 2018 in Netflix was canceled just after 2 seasons. This dark comedy follows a girl named Patty who was overweight at one time and was bullied by the people around her. Then one day after she loses her weight she decided to take revenge with her bully.

  6. Messiah

    Messiah was the new series on Netflix which was canceled just after one season. Messiah follows a CIA officer who is tasked to investigates a charismatic person whose followers believe he can perform miracles. The show examines if he is really divine or just a con artist.


  7. October Faction

    October Faction, the story about Monster hunters Fred and Deloris Allen was also canceled by Netflix just after a single season.


    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is another in the list of canceled Netflix show 2020. This news came as a shock for Riverdale fans who were hoping for crossover in the near future. There is talk going on if it will be revived by another network.


  9. Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

    Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj is one of the informative and funny shows that was on Netflix. In this show, Hasan Minhaj picks a topic every episode to dissect it and explain it to the public as simple as possible.


So, These are the 9 Netflix shows canceled 2020 which we think should have been renewed. If you think we have forgotten other names on this list, please comment below.

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