Big Bang Theory Finale

The Big Bang Theory Finale is just a few days away which is going to be aired on 12th May 2019. It amazing that the show is over a decade years old and is going to end at the 12th season. As heartbreaking as it seems, everything must come to an end and the cast needs to start a new chapter of their lives.

Big Bang Theory Casts

The big bang theory first aired on September 24th, 2007. At that time there were only 5 main characters Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Howard, and Penny played by Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, and Kaley Cuoco. Bernadette and Amy played by Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik later joined the group at a later season.

The show had quite a character development, from nerds with no social life to getting into relationships, marriages and even having children.

Penny and Leonard struggled quite a lot on their love life before finally getting married on the finale of season 8. Howard was really goofy at the earlier season. That all changed after he met Bernadette whom he later married and started a family. Raj couldn’t talk to women on earlier seasons. He later got through it and dated quite a number of women.

The real amazing character development is that of Sheldon Cooper. He was a genius scientist with basically no social skills. At first, he hated being around people. On later seasons he gradually learned the value of friendship and bond. He got married to Amy.

The show is finally ending but we still have lots of question about what is going to happen on the Big Bang theory Finale. Two Episodes will be aired back to back in few days and I’m not sure if we’ll get to closure to everything. There are too many questions unanswered.

It seems we might see the group finally parting to follow their own journeys in life. Raj just broke up with Anu, might just go back to his country in India. Who knows? He might finally get married arranged by his parents. He might get a breakthrough in his career and get some kind of offer in India.

Leonard and Penny have lots of conflicts going on. Penny not wanting children made Leonard quite sad. Penny might finally resolve her inner struggles and decides to have children.

We’re all expecting to see Amy and Sheldon winning the Nobel Prize on coming episodes for their research on Super Symmetry. Will Sheldon get the Nobel Prize he wanted for so long? From there might lead doors to further opportunities for the couples.

We’re all wondering if Howard is finally going to get to meet his father. There were lots of question on why his father left him when he was small. We might finally get answers to these questions.

I’m sure a lot of us will be thrilled to get to see the elevator finally getting fixed after all these years. I hope all of these questions get answered on the Big Bang Theory Finale.