Chris Evans was angry over James Dean CGI ‘casting’

James Dean was one of the most talented actor in Hollywood. But unfortunately, James dean died in young age. It has been more that six decade since he died in tragic car accident.

Now according to the report by  The Hollywood Reporter, James Dean will now appear in the forthcoming Vietnam-era action drama “Finding Jack.” The movie is set to be produced Magic City Films. James Dean will be recreated for this movie by using CGI and his old photos and videos.

After this news broke several Hollywood actors were disappointed by this news. One of the top star who publicly displayed his disappointment was Chris Evans

He wrote in his twitter suggesting this idea is awful and was because of lack of understanding. He then added

Maybe we can get a computer to paint us a new Picasso. Or write a couple new John Lennon tunes.

Many other actor such as Elijah Wood also agreed with Chris Evans

Even the daughter of late actor James Dean Publicly expressed her disappointment and slams this puppeteering of the dead for the publicity stunt.

So, this incident once again raise the discussion of use of CGI in the movies. How and Where should CGI must used is the question people need to ask again

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