Clarke and Gaia Might Be the Endgame | Claia The 100

Clarke and Gaia Claia the 100

Clarke and Gaia | Claia 

The season finale of “The 100” premiered on May 20 on the CW network. The most talked scene in that episode was the scene with Clarke and Gaia at the table. The chemistry between them in that scene is undeniable but the question is will it develop into something meaningful or the writer is just teasing or baiting us. And what does this mean for Bellarke fans? obviously fans are divided into this debate.

Would Clarke and Gaia aka Claia be the Endgame?

The one thing they have in common and can be a factor if they become endgame is their mutual love of Madi. And there was no hint of possible romance between Clarke and Gaia in the previous episodes. But what changed in season 7 is their mutual grief. Clarke just lost her mother and Gaia lost the Flame which makes them sympathetic to each other. To see if the fans of the show are just imagining it or writers of the show actually intended to ship them, we look at the script of that particular episode. What we found actually shocked us (happily).


carke and gaia claia
carke and gaia claia

If you want to read the script of this whole scene then here is the link

Here writers of the show clearly trying to hint for the start of new development on their relationship but how far will it go we must wait and watch. People had a mixed reaction on this, Many people were happy with this the possibility of Clarke and Gaia raising their daughter together but Bellarke fans were not happy with it. Here are some of the reactions.

A spinoff about Claia living together raising their daughter together. I would watch that too

Many People were upset