Ellen Degeneres Funniest Stand-up comedy

Ellen DeGeneres is currently known for her show ” The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. This is one of the longest running show in Television . This show was first broadcasted in 2003. But many people may not know before she was part of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” , She was known for her acting career and stand-up career which started in the early 1980s .

Here is the full video of her stand-up show

As you can see in this video, she is really good and funny and stand-up artist. The above show is from her HBO special : Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now

This was her second stand-up comedy for HBO. It is a hour long show where she talked about every day situation as she puts it modern life and other inconveniences.

It was filmed at the Beacon Theater on Broadway in New York City onĀ  2003 and was aired on HBO same year.


Some of the subject she talked about is Procrastination , Television , self-esteem , Laziness and many more

She also talked about her childhood and her favorite TV shows growing up.

If you have not seen or heard stand-up before this is the best stand-up routine she have done in her career before she started in her TV show “The Ellen Degeneres show ”

You can also Buy its DVD

If you want to see her latest stand-up then you can watch it on Netflix.

This was her first Stand-up Special after her last stand-up which was in 2003. In her new stand-up, she talk about her road to stardom and many other personal stories