Obama got standing ovation while Trump got booed when they attended the Match

Last night Trump attended the world series game and it didn’t go well. People straight up booed him and chanted “LOCK HIM UP!” while he was on the Jumbotron . The Whole incident was captured by many people and #LockHimUp has been trending in the twitter since then.  Here is the video which shows trump reaction as he realize whole stadium was booing him.

Here is Another video that shows from the perspective of the audience

The most interesting part of this whole incident is trump didn’t realize he is being booed but his facial expression changed when he eventually realized it

How Obama was treated by when he attended the game?

When president Trump was booed by thousands of people, many people were sharing the video when Obama went to NBA playoff game. In that game Obama got standing ovation and crowds cheered him for several minutes. Here is the video of that incident