Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise for fight and whole internet trolls Bieber

No, its not Donald trump whose twitter post got viral for silly reason, this time its Justin Bieber. Out of No reason, Justin post this tweet in which he challenges Tom cruise for fight.

Beside grammatical error in his tweet, Justin Bieber challenging a Tom cruise who is 31 year older than him seems simply silly in so many level  even this is just some kind of stunts for his next project. May be Justin Bieber Forgot Tom Cruise is popular for doing his own stunts in movies such as Mission Impossible series,  who famously climbed a skyscraper in Dubai one of the tallest building in the world.

Even though Tom cruise have not responded to his tweet, Other people started to troll the Justin for his Tweet.

Stephen Colbert who host the late night show tweeted this tweet

Some of the other tweets are