Glee Star Lea Michele is accused by Samantha Marie Ware for Making Her Life Living Hell in Set

Lea Michele who is popular for playing Rachel Berry on the Fox series Glee has been accused by another fellow Glee member Samantha Marie Ware for Making her life living hell in the set of Glee. Glee was the first television role for Samantha. In 2015, She appeared in about 11 episodes in the sixth season of Glee where She had a guest recurring role as Jane Hayward in the sixth season of “Glee”.  After that series, she has been part of other series like What/If and Chicago Meds.

The accusation came after the Lea Michele tweeted in the support of Black Life Matter. On May 30, she tweeted George Floyd did not deserve this and this kind of incident must it. #BlacklivesMatter

Then, after a couple of days, Samatha tweeted accusing her of making life on set living hell. This incident even made her question a career in Hollywood.

Other people who have worked with Lea has also started to share their story. Here are some of their Story


After the news broke, people have responded in support of Samantha

“9-1-1” star Ryan Guzman is also facing backlash from his co-stars and social media users after he said he and his wife use N-word all the time because they have black friends. In an Instagram Live, where he tries to defend his wife when people found her use of N-word, he defended her saying he uses it too.  Here is the video from his instagram

After the backlash, he tweeted he won’t defend himself and has donated to 1 organizatioin