Lucifer Deleted Scenes : Watch these Exclusive Deleted Scene of Lucifer Season 1,2,3,4

lucifer deleted scenes

Here in this post, we are going to cover the lucifer’s deleted scenes which you might have missed while watching television show on Netflix or any other media.

Lucifer is one of the most beloved TV shows. Even though Lucifer is a perfect show as it is, there are many scenes in the show that did not make the final cut of the show. Today we have collected some of the scenes which did not make the final cut. Every one of these scenes is beautiful and amazing.

Lucifer Season 2 Deleted Scenes

This is the scene from season 2 of Lucifer between Maze and Amenadiel. Even Maze was upset because this scene was cut in the show.

In this scene, Maze Explains to Amenadiel why she trusted Lucifer.

“I was abandoned, a fugitive, alone. And then I met Lucifer. He was the first person to accept me for who I was. No Judgement, No Shame, No Condition” At least I thought he was – Maze

This scene is from season 2 between Lucifer and Chloe. In this Scene, Lucifer paid final visit to Chloe who was hospitalized and Lucifer was seen making Promise to Chloe before Purposefully dying to save Chloe .

“I am Going to do everything in my power to fix this” – Lucifer

“I Know” – Chloe

Lucifer Season 3 Deleted Scenes

This is the Deleted Scene from Season 3. In this Scene, Ella Knocks out a person by kicking her in a face. This is really funny scene.

“It appears our bad guy is a women, a very sexy women is going to attack me ” -Lucifer
Then Ella kicked the bad guy in her face and knocked her down. She seems bad-ass in this scene

Watch the deleted scene of Lucifer season 3 below

The following Scene is also from season 3. We can see arguing of Lucifer and Chloe as always.

“Here is thing Lucifer, You seem to make every case about you and this one actually might be ” – Chloe

“No might, it actually is” – Lucifer

Watch the deleted scene of Lucifer season 3 below

This following scene is from season 1 where Dan is telling Maze to act as Normal Human Being

“You Knocked me out, Stripped me naked and left me in my wife’s bed that didn’t help me out” – Dan

“No how is it going for you two  ?” -Maze

“No that’s not the point” -Dan

Watch the deleted scene of Lucifer season 1 below

Lucifer Season 1 Deleted Scenes


So these are the some of the deleted scenes from the show. There are also other deleted scenes which was not televised .  If you want to see other deleted scenes like these then you can find it in the DVD of Lucifer.