Lucifer Season 4 Review

Our long wait has finally been over and lucifer season 4 is finally here. In this post, we’ll try to cover the lucifer season 4 review without spoiling any of its plots. We’ll also talk about whether the campaign #savelucifer justified or not.

So there was lots of anticipation with Lucifer last year and was uncertain if it will be back. But now, Lucifer is back and this time in a Netflix with a bang.

Lucifer was one of the most popular tv series that revolves around Lucifer Morningstar played by Tom Ellis who played as Devil that abandons Hell for Los Angeles where he runs his own nightclub and becomes a consultant to the LAPD.

Despite its huge Popularity, On May 11, 2018, Fox canceled Lucifer after three seasons. After this cancellation, Fans of the show from all around the world get angered and started the #saveLucifer Campaign in Social media.

So after that Netflix came to rescue and did a deal with the devil for next season. Season 4 of Lucifer released in May 8, 2019. Due to the production of Netflix, we can clearly see the many changes in the shows such as the running time of the show. Now, most of the episodes are 50 min long. To remind us, the show has moved to Netflix, there is also brief nudity where there is a glimpse of the bottom of Tom Ellis in the first episode of series. We are trying to cover various aspects of the show while making a Lucifer season 4 review.

Lucifer Season 4 Review: Was Season 4 worth the wait?

The short answer to this question is yes. One of the reasons why fans of the show were mad about the cancellation is due to the shocking cliffhanger of season 3. Last season ends When Chloe sees the devil face of Lucifer (avoiding the bonus episodes that aired later). And luckily for us, the show starts right after where it ends last season. The first episode of series is named Everything’s okay, where Lucifer wonders weather Chloe will accept him for his real self and  Detective Daniel is also in pain after the death of Charlotte in last season. He tries to over come to his sorrow in this season. Format of the how has not been changed, Every episode they deal with a new case and tried to solve their personal problems and differences while working on the case.

Many of shows regulars as Amenadiel, Mazikeen , Dr. Linda , Ella ,  Trixie and others are also back in this season. This season introduces one of the most interesting characters ‘Eve’. And the creator of the show did a great job hiring Inbar Lavi (From Imposters). She did a great job for such a complex character.

Season 4 has all the elements that we loved from the previous season such as its humor , chemistry between the actors and this season they have increased the quality even more. Season 4 is funny, emotional but most importantly binge-able.

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Lucifer Season 4 Review: Verdicts

If you are Fan of the show, then you won’t be disappoint by this season. This season deals with lots of emotions from every major character of the show. There is everything of something that every fan will love in this series. Without doubt this is my Favorite season due to its story line that will definitely keep you hooked.


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