Malaysia’s last known Sumatran rhino died of cancer at age 25

Officials from Malaysia have confirmed that Malaysia’s Last Known Sumatran Rhino has died of cancer at age 25. She was the last Sumatran Rhino left after Last Male Sumatran Rhino died last year.

This 25-year-old Rhino which was named Iman was captured in 2014 and has been in good care on the island of Borneo.

After finding out she had cancer, she was given the best possible care. People were worried after the death of the last Male specimen of Sumatran rhino last year in May.

Now it is believed that only less than 100 Sumatran Rhinos exist in the world.

Rhinos have always been in target for poachers. The horn of Rhino is supposed to be really expensive so many people kill Rhino just to attribute that horn.