Man who drafted strict adultery laws flogged for adultery


An Indonesian manĀ  named Mukhlis bin Muhammad , who was in a committee that drafted one of the strict law for adultery was caught cheating with a married woman. Then he was flogged 28 times and the woman he had the affair with was caned 23 times according to the law he helped drafted. Canning is always done in public but children are not allowed to watch this.

Who is Mukhlis bin Muhammad?

He is 48 year old Islamic religious leader from deeply conservative Aceh region, the only place in Indonesia which practices the strict Islamic law, Sharia. Aceh was granted special right to introduce its own law decade ago. There are many strict law except Adultery. Homosexual relation ,gambling and even consumption of alcoholic product is also illegal there. Two men were caught having homosexual relation in 2017 and was caned 83 times each in Aceh . Mukhlis bin Muhammad


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