7 Steamy Movies Like 365 Days on Netflix


This article is about Movies like 365 Days on Netflix. 365 Days (also k/a 365 Dni) was one of the most popular movies on Netflix. If you have watched the movie and want to watch other movies like 365 days then you have come to the right place. We have listed 7 steamy movies like 365 days. If you have not watched the movie then you can watch the movie on Netflix. It is a Polish erotic drama film which is based on the first novel of a trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska. After the huge success of the first one, the sequel of the movie has already been confirmed.

The plot follows a young Warsaw woman who got kidnapped by a rich mysterious person and grants her 365 days to fall in love with him. Due to the many hot steamy scenes of the movie, it quickly got worldwide attention after the release on Netflix. Many people have been calling this movie a better version of Fifty Shades of Grey. These are the movies like 365 dni and fifty shades of grey

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Here are 7 Steamy Movies Like 365 Days

  1. LoveLove is the perfect movie to watch if you are looking for movies like 365 days on Netflix. Love is an erotic drama that was released in 2015. The movie was written and directed by Gaspar Noé known for his other movies like entering the Void and Irréversible. The movie is known for having lots of unsimulated sex scenes on it. The movie follows a man who is in an unhappy marriage and recalls the intimate moment he has spent his with an ex-girlfriend who is now missing. You can watch this on Netflix based on your location.

  2. NewnessNewness is a modern love story that took place in Los Angeles. The movie follows two millennials who meet through an online dating app and became instantly close with each other. Their relationship became complex when they decided they need newness in their relationship so they start an open relationship. The movie comment on modern love and hook-up culture.
  3. Below her mouthBelow Her Mouth is a Canadian erotic romantic drama film released in 2016 and was directed by April Mullen. The movie was written by Stephanie Fabrizi which stars Natalie Krill as Jasmine and Erika Linder as Dallas. The movie follows two women who begin a passionate love affair after meeting in Toronto.

  4. Blue is the warmest colorBlue Is the Warmest Colour (also known as La Vie d’Adèle) is a 2013 French romance film by Abdellatif Kechiche. He has co-written, co-produced, and directed the movie. The movie stars Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos in a lead role. The film follows Adèle who is a French teenager whose life changes after she met an aspiring female painter Emma. The film follows their relationships as their growth. The movie was both critically and commercially successful. This movie might be movies like 365 days with a good rating.

  5. Y tu mamá también

    Y tu mamá también (also known as Your Mom Too) is a 2001 Mexican road movie that was directed by Alfonso Cuarón. It has all the elements of romance, comedy and sex.  This movie is a coming-of-age story about two teenage boys who are on a road trip with a woman of late twenties. The movie is set in 1999 and shows Mexico’s political and economic realities of that time. If you are looking for a good movie like 365 days then give this a try.

  6. Young and Beautiful
    Young & Beautiful (also known as Jeune & Jolie) is a 2013 French erotic drama film that was directed by François Ozon. The movie follows a girl named Isabelle (played by Marine Vacth) who gets in the world of a teenage prostitute. She has to live a double life to hide her job as a prostitute. The movie was critically acclaimed.
  7. AmarAmar is 2017 Spanish movie that follows the life of Laura and Carlos who love each other as if every day was the last. The movie shows the intensity of their first love and how it might change their idealized notions of romance. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

Some of the movies listed above might not be available to a certain country as the rule of Netflix. We liked to apologize if you can’t find the movie on the Netflix of your region. We have listed the movie based on the steamy nature of the movie and its content. So, these are the 7 movies like 365 days which we have collected. If you have any other recommendations for the movie like 365 Dni, please let us know on the comment below.

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