Is Netflix’s New Horror Movie ‘The Hole in the Ground’ Scariest Movie of the 2019

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The Hole in the Ground is the new Netflix movie which was directed by Lee Cronin. After this movie was released on Netflix,  some people are calling it the Scariest Movie of 2019 and some of the people fell asleep watching the movie.
Here is the trailer of the movie.

What is this movie about ?

This movie follows Sarah and his young son.  One night Sarah son’s disappears suddenly and when Sarah found him again she begins to believe that the boy who returned may not be her son at all.
Here is what people are saying of the movie
The reason why many people are raving about the movie is because of its originality .

But Everyone didn’t love the movie

Some people found the movie slow and didn’t like the story


Some people didn’t like the climax even though they liked the beginning of the movie


Some people fell asleep and bored of this movie


Final Conclusion

If you like psychological horror like Heritage , The Babadook or Midsommar then you will like the movie. It depends on your taste of the movie if you finds this interesting or boring. This is dark and interesting take on horror genre