The I-land Review : Is I-Land the worst series ever made by Netflix?

When the first trailer of The I-land was released, People started to compare the series with the Lost. But The I-land seems to be taking an element from all over the place not just Lost. If it was done right it wouldn’t have been a problem but it was all over the place and Ironically script was lost on its own. There are not many shows on Netflix that both critics and audience have hated but unfortunately, The I-land is one of them. Here are some of the reviews The I-land is getting

The Guardian gave it 1 star calling it really bad reported it as so bad, it can’t be real.

Allison Keene of the past magazine called it the worst show she has ever seen.



The audience has also not been kind to this show. It’s current IMDB score is only 4.2.


Other people have been showing their disappointment in social media. Here are some of the tweets.


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