The Real Reason Barbie Ferreira Left Euphoria

Barbie Ferreira, the star of the hit HBO series “Euphoria”, has finally spoken up about her decision to leave the show after starring in the first two seasons as the character Kat Hernandez. The actress clarified that leaving the show was a “mutual decision” after contemplating where her character’s story could go.

Rumors had circulated that Ferreira’s reduced screen time in season two was due to a feud with the showrunner, Sam Levinson, but Ferreira vehemently denied those claims in a recent podcast interview. She explained that there was no ill will between her and Levinson, and that it was simply a matter of her character’s story arc running out of road.

Ferreira expressed that she did not want to be typecast as the “fat best friend” and that there were limited storylines left for Kat. She also revealed that finding a storyline for Kat in season two was a “struggle” for both parties, and it was hurtful to see fans get upset. Ultimately, leaving the show was a good thing for Ferreira, who said she can now go on her path.

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