Unanswered Questions in Game of thrones : Top 15 Unanswered Questions explained

Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones

“My watch has ended”:     – Game of Thrones viewers

Game of Thrones has finally been ended after 8 seasons and 73 episodes running continuously for the past 8 years and breaking every record it could. Although the fans have expected the great ending for the greatest television show ever made: they are quite disappointed by the way how it has ended. The main source of dissatisfaction came from too many loose ends, incomplete and overly dramatic storylines. Compared to other seasons, Game of Thrones finale is undoubtedly the worst of all.
It’s not a doubt that wrapping up all the storylines in such a huge fictional universe with a short number of episodes is really the great challenge. It’s hard but not impossible. It might have taken more time for writers to come up with the best ending and we could at least see the satisfying end of our beloved show which we’re watching for the last 8 years. That was obviously not happened as most of the fans and critiques are not so satisfied. They have also started signing the petition to remake the season 8 with more competent writers and over a million followers have already signed that. Although HBO will never gonna remake the series, that’s the clear sign that fans are not so happy with the season 8 overall.

One of the major problems with season 8 is that it has not answered so many big questions which needed to be answered at any costs. Viewers have been looking for explanations of various things from its initial seasons and hoping to get that’s the answer in the finale. But the show was ended without a clear explanation of all the mysteries, maybe opening doors for fans to make it up in their own way.

Here are some of the major unanswered questions in a game of thrones.

1. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Where is dragon gone?

Most of the viewers are asking the same questions about whereabouts of drogon: the dragon Daenerys used to fly. After flying off with the dead body of Daenerys it’s nowhere to be seen. Although bran talks about the dragon once in the council they didn’t treat it as a serious issue. whether he could warg on a dragon or find out the location of the dragon, it’s still unclear. Considering his mysterious powers, he might be able to control the dragons too. As it’s the last dragon alive in the whole world and there’s no way Westeros is going to get another dragon, controlling the creature with a nuclear bomb in its throat must be the serious issue. As the dragon seems to have some sense of consciousness about the world around it – controlling or catching that dragon would obviously be a great deal for security.

2. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Why Jon went with wildlings?

After Jon killed the queen, punishment for Jon is to serve the night’s watch at castle black even though the threat of white walkers is not present. But he seems to be going into the land of always winter with free folks instead. It’s really a true saying that, Jon is not so good at fulfilling any of his jobs. Maybe Jon went there to be free from the politics of Westeros and want to live his life peacefully over there or he’s just want to spend rest of his life in the land of his first love: Ygritte.
Jon and Grey Worm have chosen the same destination somehow.

3. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Can bran see the future too?

The powers of bran are not fully understood throughout the completion of the entire series. It’s really inconsistent and underutilized. From his ability to enter in other creatures body, see past and maybe future too, he seems like a really powerful person but his powers are often not utilized to the fullest. He could have done many things but his role is not so great compared to powers he could wield. From his various decisions, we can also think that he could also predict the future like the greenseer. Why he gave the Valyrian steel dagger to Arya? Did he previously know that Arya will kill night king? Why did he come to king landing? No one has thought that he would be the king. Although his knowledge is vast and great his selection as a king seems quite dramatic. Sitting him in the iron throne and coming to kings landing just to sit in the iron thrones cannot be justified so easily and fans are not so happy with this.

4. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Where are all Dothraki?

When Jon is making a sad walk in the streets of kings landing we have clearly seen the Dothraki’s are chilling in the streets. Even when Daenerys is giving the speech to them, they’re seen at the ground with unsullied- later not to be seen again. Also, most of the Dothraki’s have died in the battle at Winterfell but their presence in kings landing is a bit unjustifiable.
Dothraki’s must not be feeling good about their queen being killed. But we can see no sign of them after Dany’s last speech. Like unsullied have made their way, did Dothraki hoards do the same? What will they do without their queen or they’ll select new queen? They should have fought with the northern army and allies who have captured the kings landing. They are just vanished to nowhere and it’s not satisfying.

5. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: What about Unsullied?

After their leader and queen being killed Tyrion offered them land in the reach and chance to become the Westerosi noble house. But the grey worm: the captain of unsullied rejected the offer sailing to the island of Naath: maybe to liberate Missandei’s people. Naath is not so easy place for outsiders but as they are the men made for fighting that would be the fair choice for them.
Unsullied now have no one to follow so they might choose to end slavery from the whole world with their fierce army. What will they do next is still unclear.

6. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Why north stayed independent?

For the vote in kings landing to choose the king to rule 7 kingdoms, Sansa voted the north to stay independent like in past 1000’s of years. She might really want to be a ruler or just don’t want to involve in the politics of the south, it’s not clear but independence of north cannot be easily justified without talking about Dorne. Compared to the north, Dorne has always been more independent and secular compared to any other Westerosi kingdoms. But no one even named the Dorne in the voting arena. As the Martell’s are all dead and Vary’s once said that there’s another prince in Dorne, why they are not present in the voting arena is still unclear. Even the Ironland and others didn’t demand anything. They could have also chosen to stay independent. Although Sansa won the battle in a strategic way bran is obviously not going against his sister to deny the independence of the north. But as good relation with the north is always vital for stability in the region – independent north won’t be so bad decision right now.

8. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Where is Nymeria?

Nymeria is Arya’s dire wolf which we’ve not seen for a long time. Ghost and Nymeria were the only two direwolves living right now. After Nymeria bites the Joffrey, she sent her away in the woods, again to be seen at season 7 in the north. At that time Nymeria has already grown so much bigger and maybe didn’t have such affection with Arya like that in childhood. Nymeria seems to be leading various wolves and again vanished to woods not following Arya. Their creators have said that CGI of dire wolves is very expensive, that could be the reason to not include Nymeria in the finale. But we can’t say for sure.

10. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Purpose of bran

One of the most mysterious and unsatisfying things about the game of throne is related to bran. Many fans have speculated him to be the reincarnation of bran the builder or the king who was promised or the night king himself. None of this speculation and most of the fan theories failed miserably. With tons of unanswered questions about him: one simple question is what on earth is the purpose of bran in this world. Have we seen all these struggles of different characters just to see him become a king? He has become the three-eyed raven holding the world’s memory and also broken multiple times. Has he already seen the future that’s going to happen? Nothing seems easy to answer now.

11. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Vary’s birds

Before burned alive by Daenerys for his poisoning and conspiracy attempt, he seems to have written some letters to various lords regarding the true identity of Jon Snow. To whom he has sent the letters? where are all his little birds he’s talking since the first season? There are tons of mysteries surrounding him.

13. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: White horse in S8E5
When Arya wakes up from destruction Daenerys has brought inside the kings landing, She seems to walk away in a white horse. Many theories are made based on that. But surprisingly in the finale, she is not seen with horse and horse is mysteriously vanished – not to be seen again. If the horse is not the symbol of anything, why it was shown so mysteriously in the 5th episode. Maybe that’s the blunder of creators or fans are overreacting. It’s not clear.

9. Unfulfilled prophecies

Prophecies play an important role in an epic saga. Many characters actions are directed by the prophecies they have heard. In the book of TSOIAF prophecies have an important role to play. But in the series, it’s not taken as an important subject. Many fans have excited to see the different prophecies from the initial seasons and how’ll they unfold. Sadly none of the prophecies seem to have fulfilled in a justifiable way. From the idea of Azor Ahai: mythical figure from the religion of R’Hloor ie: lord of the light and his sword Lightbringer which saved the world. In tv series idea of Azor Ahai’s never made the reality. From Melisandre’s and Stannis, from Night King to White Walker’s reality of the lord of light is still unclear.

We can’t even say whether the lord of light really exists or not. Many are saying, Jon is Azor Ahai’s but that doesn’t seem to be satisfying one too.
Talking about the prophecy of Cersei which is told to her by Maggie the Frog, it also not seems to have fulfilled in a justifiable way. The valonquar prophecy which is the Valyrian term for “little brother” as it said “shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” is not simply the way how Cersei died. She has died so beautifully as opposed to what fans have thought in the lap of her loved one. Series writers have made all necessary setup for the prophecies but none of them is fulfilled in the end. Cersei has got her hatred for Tyrion her entire life because of this prophecy and its not even fulfilled in the end? it doesn’t seem so good.

10. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: The fate of Ellaria Sand

Lastly seen as chained in dungeons of Westeros, Cersei wanted to keep her alive but with huge suffering. Watching her daughter die and failed to stop her death, She is determined to make Ellaria suffer for what she has done in vengeance. But she was not seen again. Maybe she’s died in the destruction of kings landing or she’s still alive. Nothing is clear.

11. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Syrio Forel

Syrio Forel is the water dancing teacher of Arya, first instructing her to use the sword. He is one of the favorite characters for many. His sense of humor and impressive combat skills made many of the fans like him. Because of his skills and the way he sounds, he’s assumed to be a faceless man by many. With his fight with Kingsguard, he said “The first sword of bravos does not run ” even though he’s just fighting with a wooden sword. He might have escaped the kings landing or already died. It’s not clear because he’s never been seen again.

12. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Daario Naharis

Daario was part of Mereen Subplot of the game of thrones. He’s leading the second son’s mercenary company when Dany and her inner circle liberated the city. When Dany left to Westeros from Mereen , Daario and second sons are never to be seen again. He has a good military and fighting skills but why he’s left behind in the greatest fight she’s going to fight for? It’s still unclear but not unjustifiable too.

13. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Where’s reeds all the time?
Lord of Greywater Watch, Howland reed – father of Jojen and Meera Reed seems to be the close friend of Ned Stark. His children Jojen and Meera Reed have traveled with Bran beyond the wall for meeting the three-eyed raven and children of the forests. After the battle beyond the wall, Meera seems to have vanished from the story and never seen later on. Even the whole Reed family seems to have vanished after that. In the battle of Winterfell and battle of bastards reed’s are not seen. Where they are gone is still unclear.

14. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Robyn Arryn and Edmure Tully

Robyn Arryn is the sick ruler of Vale and lord of house Arryn which we’ve seen in previous seasons. We have not seen them for a long time but in the lord’s council in the kings landing to vote for a king they seem to appear there. Edmure is also said to be the prisoner of Frey but he might have survived from there and recognized as lord of his house again. Whatever had happened, their story is still a mystery.

15. Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones: Tyrion’s brothel
What happened when Tyrion brought honeycomb and jackass into the brothel. He seems telling this joke multiple time in the series even in the finale but what really happened is cut off from telling the viewers. Maybe this detail would be clear in upcoming books.

These are the top 15 unanswered questions in Game of Thrones. Covering such a huge number of characters and stories on just 73 episodes seem to be a really challenging task but their creators have really done a great job making the story great and heart touching. If they have focused more on the story of the series finale, the show would even be one step ahead. Whatever that is we really loved the game of thrones from it’s beginning to the end. It will still remain as the best television series we’ve watched in our memories. Farewell to the game of thrones team from hollywoodmash team. Game of Thrones is just the small part of TSOIAF book series. The prequel of the game of thrones is also coming soon. You can visit this link to know more about it.

Which out of 15 seems to be the most unsatisfying one? Please let us know in the comment section below. Thank You.


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