Why NetFlix cancelled the OA ? Will it get picked by another network ? How can we really SAVE IT ? Here’s our analysis…


In this post, we’ll try to explain why netflix canceled the fan favorite television series the OA.

Netflix was known for axing some of the most loved series without any clear explanation which led many viewers to get furious about it. Even after leaving the story in a cliffhanger, Netflix canceled the fan-favorite popular Scifi drama the OA after season 2. After hearing the news about cancellation many fans have started the #SaveOACampaign to pressure NetFlix to stop the cancellation but unfortunately, that didn’t change the Netflix’s decision regarding it. The cancellation seems to be like a surprise to thousands of viewers who flooded the social media later on with #saveOACampaign. Previously, Lucifer has suffered the same fate but it’s good that the lucifer has been picked up by another network and renewed for last season.

The Netflix has confirmed that season three of the OA won’t be there. They made this decision after four months of the second season’s finale in which Cincy Holland who’s the VP of original content for Netflix, released a statement regarding cancellation. He said

“We are incredibly proud of the 16 mesmerising chapters of The OA, and are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their audacious vision and for realising it through their incredible artistry,We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps many other dimensions.”

Although he has not directly said anything regarding cancellation he’s pointed that the renew might not be going to happen anytime soon.

One of the OA’s fan said “@britmarling I am SO sorry that The OA has been canceled. You and the rest of the cast deserve so much more.” to the star brit marling on twitter after hearing the news of the cancellation. Brit also isn’t happy with this decision of Netflix and constantly post the updates on this matter on her social media.

In an open letter, Marling wrote:

“Dear fans of The OA – Some of you may know already or some of you may be learning from this letter that Netflix will not be continuing The OA.Zal and I are deeply sad not to finish this story. The first time I heard the news I had a good cry. So did one of our executives at Netflix who has been with us since the early days when we were sketching out Hap’s basement on the floor of our production office in Queens.”It’s been an intense journey for everyone who worked on and cared about this story.”

The news has even more shocked the cast Jason Issacs who posted the behind the scenes with the caption “A peek behind #TheOA curtain: Homer and Hap stepping it up and sweating like Sumos. Hour three in the studio and this takes 37 of hundreds – interdimensional travel’s not for wimps.” at his Instagram three days before cancellation as a tease to the third season. After cancellation,  he said “To the many obsessed and wonderful devotees who approach me all over the world to ask if and when we’re carrying on the story: I’m in the same club as you. I think it’s utterly brilliant, I’m dying to know what happens next and I’m waiting for the phone to ring. Don’t ask me #AskNetflix!”

Even after cancellation of the third season, first and the second season would still be available in NetFlix to stream. The fans have waited more than 2 years for the debut of the second season and many fans have eagerly waited for the comeback of season 3, sadly that isn’t going to happen as expected. As Netflix still has 16 episodes to stream and probably binge, you can enjoy them anytime.

Why Netflix canceled ‘The OA’ actually?

How we view the television series and how Netflix’s decision-making team looks at that is totally different. For NetFlix, the series is about revenue generation and how’s that going to increase the NetFlix income in this ever-competitive market. So the good show doesn’t always mean to be the profitable one. There are tons of very good shows with good critical rating but they got canceled because of lack of viewership or lack of money to keep the production keep going. For NetFlix to keep a series going, it needs to make sure that they’ll generate the money in some fashion. Looking at stranger things – it’s really a good show but not the best one.

But because of its popularity and viewership, it’s like merchandise so the money is made. what about Bojack Horseman and Big Mouth? They are not much merchandise like the stranger things but it’s widely popular in the press and as it’s animated it’s production cost is somehow lower so income expectation from it might be somehow lower compared to the ones with very high production costs.
so Alan Williams on quora pointed the good explanation for it “If the producers aren’t the ones that pulled the plug, you can bet it got down to the money.”

The official response from Netflix was “The second series was released on Netflix in March of this year but its reception wasn’t enough for a third series to be given the go-ahead.”

But most of the fans are not just satisfied with this explanation. Furthermore, many fan theories have been started to appear in the headlines regarding the series not being canceled. An insider recently broke down a theory regarding the series not being canceled which is suggesting that its just the Meta Marketing campaign by Netflix to bring the third season and increase the hype regarding it.

We don’t know for sure about its truthfulness but we can’t say it’s impossible. The theory is hugely based on the events happening in season 2 finale in which the show’s characters are plunged into another dimension where the show’s cast played the fictional version of themselves who ar all putting on the show named OA. Shortly after jumping into the body of “Brit marling” proceeded to fall and hit and was rushed to an ambulance and was quickly joined by Hap/Jason Isaacs who assumed the role of Brit’s husband. As the story moves on it becomes clear that hap has deliberately put OA in another dimension forcing her to reconcile with whether or not her abilities are real.

Can fans save Netflix’s ‘The OA’ from being canceled?

Even though we have really liked the show, it’s all about the money surrounding the show for Netflix. If there are not sufficient subscriber base it’s not going to be saved by the email campaign in any way. As it’s the private company the email campaign and online petition will just have a little/no effect on their decision making as that’s based on their in-depth analysis of profitability. The recent reboot of One Day at Time was much more popular than OA but still canceled after tons of organized emails and saving campaigns. Later on, it was pickup up by another network which saw the buzz surrounding it as a free marketing campaign.
One of the real ways how we can save the NetFlix would be like what’s being pointed by a quora follower.

“In a case like this, the only thing that would really get Netflix’s attention would be to get several thousand more subscribers to sign up citing The OA as the reason they’re joining. Even then, I don’t think you’d have a realistic chance in saving the show. “

But the negative effect is happening here as ‘#cancelnetflix’ campaign was started to appear in facebook groups related to OA. So the theories from Reddit surrounding the OA might not be what NetFlix is doing right now.

Also, the possibility of rescuing it by another series is not possible at the current time because of the standard Netflix contract which prevents shows going to another network for a set of period of time. The contract for OA is much less restrictive even after so, another network have to wait a few years for the contract to end even if they are interested to rescue it.


Why Netflix is canceling your favorite shows?

Why Netflix is Cancelling Your Favorite Show?


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