If You Like “Dead To Me”, You Might Love These 5 Series

Dead to me is one of the best Netflix show that was recently released. Dead to Me stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as Jen and Judy. It is the story of a powerful friendship between them. The second season of this amazing show has just been released on Netflix. After the ending of Season 2 of Dead to Me, fans of the shows are looking for another show to complete the void. So, We have collected a list of series/shows just like Dead To Me. The following shows have some sort of dark humor and drama just like Dead to Me. So, I hope you will find a new show which you have not seen before to watch.
series Like Dead to Me

Here are the Shows Like Dead to Me

  1. Santa Clarita Diet

    Santa Clarita Diet is an American horror-comedy series that was created by Victor Fresco for Netflix. The show stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. Dead to Me is about two best friends whose life changed due to one accident. Similarly, Santa Clarita Diet is about a couple whose life changes when the wife becomes undead and starts craving human flesh. This is one of the fun show available on Netflix.

  2. Schitt’s Creek

    You might have heard of this series. Schitt’s Creek is one of the highly successful and popular series. This show has already ended so you can binge-watch all 6 seasons at once. This show follows a rich family who suddenly goes bankrupt and the only asset they have left is a small town called Schitt’s Creek. And series follows their struggle. This is one of the smart and funny shows available on Netflix.

  3. The End of the F***ing World

    The End of the F***ing World is one of my favorite shows. This show is unique in its premise and beautifully executed. This show follows two 17-year-old named James and Alyssa. They decided to go on a road trip to find Alyssa’s estranged father but James has another plan. James is convinced that he is a psychopath and wanted to kill Alyssa on this trip. This show is available on Netflix. So give it a try

  4. Living with Yourself

    Living with Yourself is a new Netflix series that stars Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea. Living with Yourself follows the man who is unhappy with his life and decided to undergo a mysterious treatment that promises him the allure of a better life but then he discovered he has been cloned who seems to be better than him. This changes his life and his relationship with the wife as well as his friend.

  5. Inside No. 9

    Inside No. 9 is one of the most under-rated shows available on Netflix. Many people might not even be heard of this amazing show. It is a British black comedy anthology series which means every episode has a new story, with a new setting and new characters. But every episode is somehow related to number 9. This show is funny, smart and unique. Give this a try