Chris Evans as Sanitizers

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Hand sanitizers are in news nowadays because of Corona virus. While buying or using the hand sanitizers have you ever wondered how would Chris Evans look if he dresses like sanitizers? Because one of his fans did and the results really amazing.

One of his fans on twitter posted a thread on which he compared Chris Evans to hand sanitizer. The post has gone viral since. It has about 10k retweets and about 28k likes in just a couple of days.

This is the viral tweet for Chris Evans as Sanitizers

here is the collection of the pictures

1. Here is the Chris Evan as a bottle of Germ-x

2. Here Chris Evans dressing as Black Pearl

3.Chris Evans wearing a blue coat as Jao

4.Here is another amazing picture of Chris Evans

5. Who looks good in this color

6. He looks good in any dress

7. Chris Evans as the bottle of Dettol

8. As good as ever

9. Chris Evans as the crisp apple

10. This one is awesome

11. Chris Evans as Meyers Hand Sanitizer

12.ย  Amazing

13. This one is pretty accurate

14. Looks great in read

15. One of these is very popular and the other one is Dettol

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