How Chess World Reacted To Nikhil Kamath Cheating Scandal India did a charity stream where different celebrities came together to play with the formal five-times world champion Viswanathan Anand. Everyone expected the game to be one way since all of the guests were not strong chess players. But the youngest billionaire of India Nikhil Kamath played phenomenally well which surprised everyone. Even the host Samaya Raina and Tania were surprised by the play of the Nikhil and even in the post-match interview, Nikhil didn’t show any sign of using external help to defeat the world champion. But people started to think that something might be fishy especially because the accuracy was 99%.

When people started to analyze his older games they were shocked

After the huge backlash, finally, he admitted that he was cheating against the Viswanathan Anand. Then suddenly Nikhil Kamath Cheating Scandal became a trending topic in social media. People who love chess felt it was disheartening and were not happy by the apology of Nikhil Kamath. He basically said in his apology that


Nikhil Kamath Chess cheat
Nikhil Kamath Chess cheat

How Chess World Reacted To Nikhil Kamath Cheating Scandal

Viswanathan Anand clarifies that he didn’t know that Nikhil was using the engine. He expected everyone to play fairly. 

Tania Sachdev who was one of the hosts of the show was clearly disappointed by this incident

Another host Samaya Raina was also not happy with the apology

India’s number 2 chess player Hari Krishna was also shocked by this incident

Srinath Narayanan was one of the first Grandmaster who called out Nikhil after banned Nikhil from their platform.

Another Grandmaster Kevin Goh Wei Ming also commented on the incident

Here are the some of the reaction from famous chess personalities


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