Look How Fans reacted when Wonho leaves Monsta X

The news has been confirmed that Wonho will be leaving Monsta X . The real reason for his departure is still not known but It was rumored that he borrowed money from Jung Da Eun and didn’t pay the star back but it has not been confirmed.

A statement from Starship Entertainment was published to give the fans the news. here is the statement :

Wonho won’t be participating in any official program of Monsta X from now on.

And Fans are not happy about this news. People are expressing their disappointment in social medias. Here is how fans are reacting to this news.


Fans are standing by Wonho

Some even call 2019 worst year for Kpop


People are crying by reading letter written by Wonho

It is clear that peopl’s love for wonho won’t die just because he leave Monsta X


Some blame Starship for this incident

Many people are heart broken by this news

People want him to comeback in the band. So you can tweet this as people are doing to show your love.