Youtuber Family “Re-homed” a Autistic Child After using him for their online Clout

This story is wild. Myka Stauffer and her husband James adopted a boy from China claiming that they stumbled across Wen Quan’s adoption posting online. They adopted a child with special needs and published their adoption story online. The video got viral which got more than 5millions views and they also got lots of subscribers due to this video. After this video got viral, they made lots of other videos of him on their channel as well as on their other social media platform. They also got endorsement deals with companies like Fabletics & Dannon.

They produced hours of content documenting their son and his life following adoption. Here are some of the other videos of Huxley.

Here is Huxley on their Instagram.

Image       Image


Then suddenly, Huxley stopped appearing in their videos and social media sites. She also updated her Twitter bio removing her one of the children.

They didn’t publicly acknowledge this issue until the people started to questions the absence of Huxley from their videos and social media. Finally, when the couple posted an update in which they explained Huxley had been given permanently to another family for the sake of his “emotional well-being” people started to criticize them. Ironically, the 2 most popular videos in their channel would be the adoption video of Huxley and his “re-homed” video.

Here is the video they made defending their action

But the story doesn’t end here. When people started digging in her past videos and social media post they started to find concerning things. Here is one of the many threads about Myka Stauffer.

Apparently, the couple was looking for the adoption of a new child, one with “special needs” that are “easy” that “most people wouldn’t consider easy”

In one of her video, Huxley’s hand it seems to be duct-taped to stop sucking his thumb

People are angry toward them because they knew Huxley was a special need when they adopted him. She was actively looking for another kid with special needs after they adopted Huxley and suddenly one day they decided to give him away. People also pointed out that if one of the biological children has a similar issue she would not have done the same thing

Here are some of the reactions of people online.

The fact that they adopted someone from a completely different country knowing his needs and suddenly gave him to his “forever home” made people angry