Lucifer Convention This Year Would Be Online. Here is How You Can Join

Every year fans of the show get to meet and greet their favorite cast from the show in the convention and get a chance to ask questions and take pictures. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it won’t be possible for the in-person convention this year. So, the Lucifer convention will be online this year which gives the opportunity to fans to actually meet and greet the cast online.

Here is Tom Ellis confirming the news about the online Lucifer convention

How to join the online Lucifer convention?

Online lucifer convention is being conducted by Creation Entertainment. To participate in the online convention you can click this link

There is a list of different sessions listed featuring different casts of the show.

The first session will be Q&A PANEL WITH INBAR LAVI (“Eve”) which will be on MAR 12 – 11:00 AM PST. The session will be for 30 min. There is not a fixed price, you can pay whatever you can.

All the major cast have sessions except for Tricia helfer and Lauren.

The convention will end with Q&A PANEL WITH TOM ELLIS (“Lucifer”) which will be on MAR 14 at 12:45 PM PDT. It will be of 45 MIN SHOW and price has been listed as 50 NOTES

lucifer online convention
lucifer online convention

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