Netflix Just revealed the release date of Money heist part 4

Netflix has just announced the release date of Money Heist Part 4. Part 4 of Money Heist will be released on Netflix in April 3rd , 2020.

Here is the Date Announcement video of Money Heist part 4

Part 4 of Money Heist will follow directly after the incident of part 3 of Money heist.  As we remember , Nairobi was  injured by a police-inflicted sniper shot in the chest where as Lisbon was caught by the police. And police make Professor believe that she is dead so he declare war on the police at the end of the series . But at the end of Part 3 it was revealed that Lisbon is still alive and in custody.

How many episodes will be there

It has been confirmed that Money Heist part 4 will consist of 8 episode. Now you can binged the whole part in a single day.

Will there be part 5 of Money Heist ?

Even though Netflix has not officially renewed the series for part 5 there is high possibility that it will be renewed. Many media of Spain such as the online editions of  ABC and La Vanguardia re-reported claims by the Spanish website formulatv that Netflix had already renewed the series for a fifth part and it also claimed that pre-production of the series has also already started

It has also been claimed that director of the Money Heist has been discussing with Netflix about the possibility of the spin off series.

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