Watch funniest Bloopers and behind the scene from Stranger Things

stranger things bloopers

Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. In fact, it is among the most-watched Netflix originals ever.

Not only it is a fun show to watch, it seems that people working on the show also had fun while making the series. Here we have collected some of the videos that show behind the show and bloopers while making the show

This stranger things bloopers below are from season 1. The cast was new to each other. They didn’t know they were making the show which will be as popular as it became

Stranger Things Bloopers

The following bloopers are from season 2 . By watching these we can see how much fun they had on the show

Following Bloopers are from Season 3

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We have also found the behind the scenes video from Stranger Things. This video shows how much fun they had while making this amazing show


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