The Funniest Memes About The Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight

It was one of the most awaited fights which were between one of the greatest boxers in history and one of the best YouTube personalities. And fans were furious at the fight since it ended predictably on Sunday night when Floyd Mayweather seems too eager to dance around Logan Paul in eight stages without causing any significant damage. Fans seem disappointed since they both were more focusing on making money rather than taking game spirit. Fans were waiting to see Mayweather in action since he has retired from professional boxing with an amazing record of 500 wins. So, obviously, the fight was trending in all social media.

The fans also pointed out that Floyd Mayweather actually knocked out Logan Paul, but held him up during the fight to carry it through 8 rounds Eyes

Many agreed that it’s just a new way to earn money

People were also making fun of how they played

There was no winner in today’s match but the losers were the ones who paid to watch the match

People were also making fun of the way Logan was playing

After all it was all about the money

Some people had lots of fun making this meme

Memes can’t be complete without Simpson reference