Which “The Society” Character Are You?

The Society is one of the most intriguing Netflix series that focuses on a group of teens who are stuck in a weird situation where they are left alone in society due to the mysterious incident that occurred in their town. All other people vanished and they are only left behind. Now they must learn to survive in that situation together. They had to find a way to live and co-exist together in new leadership. Even though this show has lots of fanbase and good ratings and reviews, Netflix cancelled the show just after 1 season. Let’s hope Netflix will reconsider their decision and give us a second season or they will find some other streaming services.

If you are you fan of the show then this quiz is for you. We have made the character quiz for the society fans where everyone will get one of the characters from the show based on the answer you choose.so choose your answer carefully. Let’s start the quiz now.

Which “The Society” Character Are You?

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