Why “Jennifer” from Target was Trending


Who is Jennifer?

Jennifer was trending on twitter but many people were confused since they didn’t what the backstory of it. After the video of George Floyd got trending on social media where he was seen handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police, Protests have erupted in Minneapolis and other places where thousands of people gather in a call for justice over the death of George Floyd. Then, the protest got out of hand and grew violent over a period of time.
In the middle of this, a woman in a wheelchair was seen holding a sharp object in her hand where she claimed she was peacefully protesting to stop the looting but others claimed she was trying to stab others.

She was then attacked and sprayed foam on her face

She claimed that she was peacefully protesting and people attacked her from the back.

In this video, people were clearly screaming she got the knife and she is stabbing people

Some people also claimed she was seen getting up out of the wheelchair walking around.