People Are Questioning Integrity of AGT after One Magic Trick was Gone Wrong

AGT magic gone wrong 2020


Think of a number between 1 and 100. You can think of any number you like. Do you have one? Let me guess, Is it 14? No matter what you said it is 14 because I need it to be 14 to make my trick work. That’s what happened at one act of the AGT. Max Major, who performed Tuesday stirred up controversy while performing his mentalist act. You can look at the video below. And this video has more dislike than other videos.

At the time 3:08, one of the girls clearly said 13 but the magician continues with number 14 and no judges said anything about it.

Here is the video of AGT Magic Gone Wrong.

To be clear, No one is saying that magicians have real power and other mentalists before him has used black power or something to read people’s minds. They simply didn’t mess their act and people were amazed by their performance.

Imagine in the vanishing trick, magician pretends he has successfully vanished his assistant and all the judges were cheering but people in the home can clearly see his assistant. That’s what it feels like.

That’s what happened here, he simply messed his act and no one called him out. That’s why people are questioning the integrity of the judges and their comments after the act. One of the judges, Heidi Klum also claimed that his act is “worthy” of his own show in Las Vegas.

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