This is What Chris Evans is doing in Quarantine

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Nowadays, due to the global outbreak of Covid-19, the majority of people are in self-quarantine and asking other people to stay at home so that we can flatten the curve soon. Many of the major celebrities are also staying home including Chris Evans which gives them time to spend quality time with their families. If you are wondering what is Chris Evans doing in quarantine, we have found it out for you.
On Sunday, Chris Evans brother Scott decided to cut his own hair and posted the final picture on twitter. After he posted the picture, Actress Kate Lambert pointed out that he has missed a spot while cutting his own hair. Then his brother comes to the rescue and helped him even it out

Video of Chris Evans Quarantine

Apart from cutting his brother’s hair, Chris Evans is busy in his own home playing with his dog.

He has also shown concerns about the lack of equipment like PPE, N-95, surgical masks to the fearless health care workers around the country. So he has raised concern in social media and has helped to raise a donation for different

You can also sign the petition so that our nurses and healthcare workers who are on the frontline of this deadly virus can get all the protective equipment they need to fight this virus.

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