A Man Who Licked a Toilet Bowl in the ‘CoronaVirus Challenge’ Now Got The Virus


What is CoronaVirus Challenege?

You might remember the video where a man walks in the toilet and licked the bowl and video tapped it. It was called #CoronaVirusChallenge. It was reported later on that the challenge was started by a girl who was an influencer in social media. After the video got viral in social media, the different users did similar things and posted the video. Here is the video if you have not seen it before.

CoronaVirus Challenge

This was viral at the time many wondering why would anyone do such a thing. This became viral in TikTok and many people including influencer join this challenge. This challenge had been viewed by about 931 million times on TikTok.

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People started to lick any public properties

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Many doctors and health personals warn the public against this action. Tiktok also took action and said it would remove all such videos after strong public backlash.

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Now, a man who was in the video above is now reportedly ill in hospital with the deadly disease. Piers Morgan on GMB told the public that the same man is now receiving treatment. He also added that he thinks its a karma.

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