Best part of Alec Baldwin Roast (spoiler alert Winner is Ireland )

Every year Comedy Center roast one of the popular celebrity  and this year it was Alec Baldwin. As usual this year roast was also hilarious. The best part of this roast is easily his daughter Ireland Baldwin. The funny thing is she is not even in the main line up. She was the surprise addition to the list. One of the reason why she shine in this evening was due to her complex relation to her father

One of her best jokes that I loved is

All of the people know my Dad as angry person but he is more than a lunatic who lost his temper he also lost his Emmy , Oscar and Custody of his first children.


Jeff Ross has always been part of these great roast. This time also he was great as usual. On of my favorite joke of his is

Adam Carolla once said Women are not funny but they are and you should have hired some to write your jokes Tonight  

Robert De Niro was a surprise addition to the list, Even he was surprised he was there for alec baldwin. One of his Joke is

Caitlyn Jenner has some thing different tonight but i can’t put finger on it. (then Caitlyn Jenner yelled yes you can). Caitlyn Jenner was hired after transition because Comedy Center could pay her 20% less.


Caitlyn Jenner was also a surprising addition to the list. And she did a great job. One of her great line is

I knew Alec when i was Bruce and we were like family. I consider him brother now i guess that’s one more brother he won’t talk again

Blake Griffin was also a part of the roast and one of his popular line was

Caitlyn completed gender reassignment surgery in 2017 finally confirming no one in that family want a white d**k.

As usual at last Alec Baldwin conclude the program. He has several great line in his roast.Some of his great lines are :

Jeff Ross is here. Let me be honest here i have been surrounded by so many friends here but you are like mandatory fixture here . Its like you bought beautiful house and you can’t chop this one fat ugly tree for some stupid reason

His Line to Blake griffin was

You’re a remarkable man, Blake. I wish we were as close as your eyes are

There were many great jokes in the roast of Alec Baldwin but the whole show was stolen by Ireland Baldwin. Her jokes and delivery were both great. She poke fun at her and her father’s relation. Anyone who know about that would definitely get that and who didn’t knew , would know after watching this show