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Data shows Lucifer is most watched streaming series of 2019

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We have a great news for Lucifer fans. TV Time just released a data which shows that Lucifer is the most watched streaming series of 2019 which is followed by Stranger Things and 13 Reason Why. The popularity of Lucifer grew this year since the Netflix picked up the series after its cancellation on Fox.

Here is the complete list


How Data was collected ?

TV Time is very popular app which have over million daily user that tracks and reacts to the show people are watching. This data is from all over the world which makes this result much more interesting. Since series has been picked up by Netflix, Lucifer became popular worldwide.

Lucifer has now been renewed by Netflix for fifth and final season.

Joe Henderson who is show runner of the show shared this news to his twitter followers.

Lucifer just had cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths which will likely led to more people to watch this amazing show

What is Lucifer about ?

Lucifer follows the Devil ‘Lucifer Morningstar’ Who is bored and unhappy in hell so he returned to Los Angeles and end up running a nightclub named Lux where he met with the Detective Chloe Decker. Through out the series they both worked together solving crimes and eventually became close with each other over time .

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