Derren Brown Blows Seth Meyers Mind by this Impossible Trick

Derren Brown was in Seth Meyers show to promote his Broadway show ‘Secret’  .  Derren Brown is mostly popular in UK for his mind-reading, suggestion and psychological illusion. He is considered as master of this genre and has been working this field from couple of decade.  In the Seth Meyers show he demonstrate one of his act.

In this clip, Derren Brown is making Seth choose cards from piles of different cards. And in the end Seth end up choosing exactly what Derren intended him to choose.

Who is Derren Brown ?

Derren Brown  is an English mentalist, illusionist, and author who has been working in this field since 2000. His first show was called Derren Brown: Mind Control. He is very popular in United Kingdom for his work. He has also been working to expose people who use similar method to scam people . He has exposed faith healers , mediums and other peoples in his show. He has also written many books about these subjects.

He has made his Broadway debut with his stage show Secret in 2019. This show is scheduled to end on Jan. 4, 2020. To promote this show he has been  making different appearances in TV. One of them was Seth Meyers.

He has also appeared on the show of Jimmy Fallon where he Guesses Jimmy’s Crush and Hypnotize QuestLove

He has also appeared in James Corden where Derren eat the glass in front of James

These are Some of the old clips from his show when he used to work in UK.