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kenya julia miambi sarah jones siblings

In this post, we will try to cover everything you need to know about Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones also known as Kenya Kinski Jones. We’ll cover Kenya Kinski Jones Biography, wiki, career, boyfriend, personal life, studies, and her works.

Birth, Family, and Siblings of Kenya Kinski Jones :

Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones is also known professionally as Kenya Kinski Jones is the Los Angeles based American fashion model mainly known for her works in animal rights activism and for a modeling career. She was born on February 9 of 1993 as the daughter of Quincy Jones who is a famous American record producer and musician as well as part-time producer and German actress and model Nastassja Aglaia Kinski. Quincy Jones and Nastassja Aglaia Kinski have dated each other for 4 years between 1991 and 1995 and she’s the first child of their relationship.


Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones Family
Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones Family

She has two maternal half-siblings and 6 paternal half-siblings from his father’s and mother’s other marriages and affair. Actresses Rashida and Kidada Jones and producer Quincy Jones III are also her paternal siblings. Her other siblings are Jolie Levine (née Jones) brought into the world through her dad’s first marriage with Jeri Caldwell; Martina Jones and music maker, filmmaker and writer Quincy Jones III through her dad’s second marriage with previous high design model, on-screen character, vocalist lyricist and picture taker Ulla Agneta Jones; Kidada and Rashida Jones, the two on-screen characters from her dad’s third marriage with entertainer Peggy Lipton; and Rachel Jones born through her dad’s short affair with Carol Reynolds.

Major Works by Kenya Kinski Jones:

Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones
Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones

Although being born in the celebrity family she grew away from the public attention and never had plans to join the modeling career. While shooting for her mom, She got the attention of Fashion Photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber approaching her for a first official shoot with him. After her shoot, she started modeling for Weber for Vogue and appeared in Spain Editorial on Montauk. After that, her career as a model just took off and she never had to look back. She also appeared in 2 of the Calvin Klein Campaign with her boyfriend will Peltz and also worked as a face of Stella McCartney’s pop fragrance along with Amandla Stenberg and Lourdes Leon. She debuted as a runway model on Chanel pre-fall show.

Beginning a Career as a Kenya Kinski:

She has never thought about modeling as a career while growing up. Her mother inspired her into the modeling career. Being a model and actress herself, she might have the desire to see her daughter succeed as a model. She said in the interview that when she’s 14-15 years old her mother took her to a modeling agency and she accompanied to the bruce weber’s shoot. Weber took some shots of this young girl and rest is the history. Her career is soon starting to skyrocket getting many more offers from various other modeling agencies. After months, She landed in vogue Spain editorial Montauk as her first official shoot. Since she’s been doing modeling on and off and after completing her college degree she started doing it as a full-time career.

She did her modeling works with Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld for harpers bazaar, Vogue Spain editorials and teen vogue too. She also had to do intimate scenes for the new Calvin Klein jeans. She said in the interview that she never had awkward feelings filming these scenes with William Piltz because of being in a relationship with him. She later posed for Diane Von Furstenberg prefall campaign and she really enjoyed the experience of going to New Mexico and to the city of Taos Pueblo.
Taos is the place of native Americans living really in their native lifestyle. They usually don’t allow outsiders. She is really amazed by the beauty and lifestyle of natives and really enjoy spending her time in traditional lifestyle and clay houses. She shared that this was really the special experience for her. She’s then appeared in Chanel Prefall show: graced by  Sistine Stallons, Lottie moss and many others.

Animal Rights Activism  :

As a child, she grew with 8 dogs, 5 cats and 2 horse at her home. Since her childhood, she has special love with animals and she soon developed that as an animal rights activism. She really had a passion for animal protection since her childhood. She’s become the strong animal advocate and also started involved in various animal-rights related organizations. English Primatologist and Anthropologist Jane Goodall’s work has inspired her to do something on animal welfare and natural conservation and she wanted to join the institute founded by Goodal  JGI (Jane Goodwill Institute) which is an organization dedicated to environmental conservation and preserving International wildlife.

She appeared in face of Stella McCartney’s pop fragrance with madonnas daughters Lourdes Leon, Amandla Stenberg and grimes. She was heavily inspired form McCartney who is also a firm supporter of animal rights and noted for vegetarian and implementation of animal-free alternatives for her work. She has remained vegetarian since she was eight years old and also worked in a nonprofit organization called Last chance for animals advocating animal rights. She debuted in an acting career being featured in a video made for endangered mountain gorillas.

Kenya Kinski Jones Personal Life :

Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones boyfriend William Peltz
Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones boyfriend William Peltz

She was really passionate about horses and love to spend time with a horse. She also enjoys riding and jumping on horses and she also said that she wants to participate in Olympic for riding. She was graduated from Loyola Marymount University with English as a major subject in 2015. In her styles, she likes to combine feminine and masculine effects.
While doing shooting in Santa Monica she met actor William Peltz who is shooting the movie with her mother at that time. At that time Kenya was still at high school. Kenya and will are now in 6 years of relation and they both have a french bulldog named Bansky. She’s also famous on Instagram with an account named KenyaKinskiJ posting her beautiful photos. She had over 52.4k followers from her 449 posts to date. You can follow her going to the link provided below.