Lesley-Ann Brandt aka Maze got off the stage to calm a crying baby in one of her program

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Lesley-Ann Brandt who is popular as Maze in Netflix series Lucifer is in Brasil to meet her fans . In one of the program, she heard a crying baby and she come off the stage to play with that little kid. She is really the nicest people in entertainment business.

Here is the video of that incident .

Lesley took twitter to clarify the incident. According to her, child was crying because of the loud noise so she wanted to make her feel better.

She is currently in Brasil to meet her fans there and the incident took place in one of her program

fans of the her and the show are happy by her generosity. Here are the some of the tweets of the fans

One fan wrote World need more people like her and we definitely agree with her

Another Fan wrote she is the nicest devil ever

She has been using her fame to help children in needs.





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