Script of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was sold for $85 on ebay after John Boyega forgot it under the bed

Imagine seeing the script of new Star Wars movie on e-bay and price was just $85. Would you have believe that it’s a real script? Probably not but in this case , It was real Script and Disney bought the Script fro e-bay before any one got the chance.

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J.J Abram has previously told Entertainment Weekly that one of the actor had left the script under the bed and it ended up in ebay and one of the employee of Disney bought the script before anyone else notices. He refuses the named the actor or actress who have done that.

But now the actor who was responsible for the incident has spoken out in Good Morning America. John Boyega, who plays Finn in the Star War movies admitted that he was the one who forgot the script under the bed.

What actually happened ?

According to John , He had printed copy of script of the Movie . He was moving apartment and he left that script under the bed. He thought he would pick up the script in the morning and move out but his friends came over and partied. so he forgot about the script.

After few weeks, when cleaner came to clean up the room he/she found the script under the bed and puts it on e-bay for only 65 pounds which will be like $85.

He admitted that it was scary experience since everyone from Disney called him to remind of his mistake.

Disney is very protective of its Movies. They uses strong measures to ensure its secrecy. Famously for Avenger movies, they didn’t gave whole script to every actors to protect its secrecy.

After this incident , Disney might take extra measure to ensure the safety of the script of their upcoming movies.