Woman who was admitted after Cucumber got stuck in her vagina says it was just an accident


One story from Thailand got viral in social media when it was reported that a Thai woman who was admitted in hospital has cucumber stuck in her vagina.

woman cucumber vagina hospitalको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

What was the full story ?

The Thai woman of age 51 was brought to hospital after she suffers from extreme vaginal pain. After the examination by hospital , doctors from hospital were shocked when they found out a cucumber was stuck in her vagina. When asked her , the women claimed that she fell on the cucumber accidentally and it got stuck there.

After the story broke, it became viral sensation in Thai social media.

It was apparent that , she was lying to the hospital because of shame . This type of incident is the worst nightmare coming true for any of us.  Be honest we have all done some embarrassing things in our life but the difference is we have not been caught.

Many of the people are blaming the hospital staff for leaking the story . The identity of the woman will be keep secret to save her from social embarrassment.

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