Taylor Swift is now the most-awarded artist at the AMAs

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Taylor Swift is one of the most popular and Successful artist of our era and there is lots of achievement of her that proves this statement. Now she just added new achievement in her list. Now she is the most-awarded artist at the AMAs.

In 2018, She became Most awarded female artist of all time. Now she had beaten Michael Jackson for the all time most awarded artist of the all time.

She was nominee in 6 category in this AMAs.

Here is video of her acceptance speech when she got AMA for Favorite Album for Pop/Rock

After this win , She is now the FIRST and ONLY female artist to win in this category THRICE.

In the video she thanked her new Label for helping her making new music.

She was also the winner of AMAs Artist of the Year for which she thanks fans for being their for her in her life

She was also actively participating in the award show. She was seeing actively supporting her good friend Selena in her performance


2019 has been good year for Taylor Swift

She also performed on AMA award


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