Hey Lucifer Fans !!! Lucifer will have a happy ending , here’s why !

Lucifer has officially begun the filming of its fifth and final season. All the episode has been written including its finale.


Last season was ended in a kind of cliffhanger when Lucifer left for hell leaving Chloe alone in the earth. So, the one of the burning questions that everyone has in their mind is will Lucifer have a happy ending in the series? This question was recently answered by D.B. Woodside in his twitter when one fan asked him directly.

When one fan asked him  what would you like to see happen in lucifer s5, in general, he answered he hoped Lucifer & Chloe have a happy ending

But when another fan asked him again if Lucifer will have happy ending he answered yes.

All the fans of the show are hoping for the happy ending for the leading pair of the show but how the writer of the show is gonna achieve that is not revealed. There is only 2 way that can achieve this task. One way is to make Chloe queen of the hell right next to the Lucifer which is less probable and another way is to let Lucifer live on earth happily with Chloe and Trixie for rest of their life.

Either way, its the writer’s choice to make that happen. if you were the part of the writing team how would you make sure Lucifer and Chloe have a happy ending?

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