People are Naming their Wi-Fi “FBI Surveillance” for their Trump Supporting Neighbors

January 6th was one of the worst days in the United Stated where riots and violent attacks against the United States Congress were carried out by the supporter of Donald Trump. After attending the Trump rally and his speech, thousands of Trump supporters marched to the Capital where the Congress session was being held. They breached the police perimeter and vandalized the building to prevent the formalization of the president-elect Joe Biden. The riot led to the death of 5 people.

After the riot, the FBI announced that every single person who has entered the Capitol will be charged. And every Trump supporter became paranoid.

People have found a way to prank their Trump-supporting neighbor by renaming their Wi-fi name to “FBI Surveillance”. Here are some of the examples

People are having lots of fun with it. Some people are just trolling at this point.


Here she is changing to Deep State

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