This is Why #BoycottHallmark is trending

Why #BoycottHallmark is trending ?

A wedding planning website called Zola submitted six ads to hallmark channel. Four of those ads contains lesbian couple.

After the ad was aired, Conservative group One Million Moms launched a petition to stop the ad containing lesbian couples. They said it was not family friendly.

Hallmark then removed the ad containing same sex couple but not two featuring opposite-sex couples. Zola then pulled its remaining ads saying All kisses, couples and marriages are equal celebrations of love and they will no longer be advertising on Hallmark.

Here is one of the lovely ad which Hallmark Channel pulled from their broadcast.

After this news got out, people in the internet decided to #BoycottHallmark . So #BoycottHallmark has been Trending

Even Netflix took shot at Hallmark by showcasing its movie having lesbian characters

Ellen DeGeneres also criticize the Hallmark channel asking for the explanation

In a statement issued to the New York Times, a spokesperson for Hallmark said the ads violated the cable’s network policy saying the public display of affection violated the cable channel’s standards.

Since only content featuring same sex couple was removed people are saying the decision was discriminatory .

Different people from different sector has been participating in this #boycotthallmark movement

One user remind hallmark channel that we live in 2019 not in 1919