You Season 2 Trailer is really intriguing

Netflix just released the trailer of second season of Netflix series ‘You’. The trailer looks intriguing . Season 2 of the series is set to be released on December 26, 2019.

Here is the trailer of season 2 of ‘You’

What is the series ‘You’ about?

The first season of the series followed Joe Goldberg who worked as bookstore manager in New York. He instantly fell love with Beck who is an aspiring writer. Then he started to use social media and other techniques to follow her and track her. This action of his led the series into different incident which ends up in number of homicides.

What will be second season about ?

In second season, he seems to changed his name to Will and goes to new place ‘Los Angeles’ .There he met with which new obsession aspiring chef, Love Quinn. At the finale of first season , Candance returned to Joe which will make season 2 more interesting.

When will You Season 2 be release ?

You season 2 will be release in December 26, 2019.

Will there be You Season 3 ?

There is very high possibility of next season of this amazing series . According to the report of Deadline , Third season of You was awarded with $7.213 million on the California tax credit winner list. So if the viewer figure of the season 2 is high then there is huge possibility for next season of ‘You’

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