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In this post, we will try to cover Ulla Jones Biography. She’s the renowned Fashion model of her time.

Former fashion model Ulla Jones was born on 18 June 1946 in Stockholm, Sweden. Professionally she is recognized as Ulla Anderson. Ulla is also known for her photography, acting, and music. At the age of 15, she was discovered by modeling agent Eileen Ford, she was then immediately sent to Paris. There she was trained and groomed to become a model. Soon after her training, she walked as a showstopper on many fashion shows. She posed for renowned photographers for her time, including American commercial photographer Hiro. Ulla also appeared on the front page of international fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue during the 1960s.

While she was shining on her modeling career, Ulla met American musician and music producer Quincy Jones at a party in New York, given by TWA in honors of Frank Sinatra. They started dating each other and started a living-in relationship. In 1967, they tied a bond of marriage and took vows. Ulla Jones and Quincy Jones bore two children, Martina Jones, and Quincy Jones III. Ulla, then quit her modeling career to look after her children.

After 7 Years of marriage, Ulla and Quincy got divorced in 1974. Ulla Jones was Quincy’s second wife. Before he was married to Jeri Caldwell and after Ulla, he married American Actress Peggy Lipton. Afterward separation, Ulla Jones moved back to her homeland Stockholm with her two children.

Ulla Jones returned back to the industry in January 1979 with her debut album “No Time No Space No Age No Race That’s Nifty!”. The album has twelve tracks, all except one written by Ulla Jones. The album is the fusion of several musical genres including pop, folk, country, and world. The album was released by Four Leaf Clover Records and remains her only record to date. Later in 1984, Ulla released her first single “Dirty Angels/Some People Like Blood”.

Besides modeling and music, she has also her foot stepped in acting, makeup artist, stage performer, author, and an excellent photographer. In acting, she is known for To Bed or Not To Be Bed (1963), Luftburen (1973) and know for costume designer in the movie The King of Kungsan (1987). Ulla was also featured on “Quincy” Documentary movie as Ulla Jones herself. The vibrant diva also performed into showbiz, appearing in Lars Jacob’s Stockholm production, ‘Wild Side Story’ as Betty Sue.

Ulla Jones
Ulla Jones


Ulla has a habit of photographing literally everything around her, trees, stones, neighbor, dogs in the street. It describes a lot about her photography on her official website www.ullaandesong.com. Ulla exhibited her photograph collection since the ’60s in August 2018. Her Website says, “There is absolutely No exhibition in Stockholm that beats Ulla Andersongs exhibition”. Ulla Jones owns an art gallery in Stockholm. The gallery is of two rooms, completely packed with photographs. Ulla Jones herself gives a tour in her gallery to the visitors. Photographs wonderfully hung in a chaotic manner, gives a totally new experience going through her gallery.