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Chad Boyce

In this article, we are going to cover the biography of a crew member of “the 100” television series – Chad Boyce. We’ll also cover ‘who is chad Boyce’, How did he die, his biography and photographs. We’ll also cover the condolences he received from his friends and co-workers.

Chad Boyce The 100

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Who is chad Boyce from the 100?

Chad Boyce from the 100 was a crew member of the series when he passed away in 2018. He was working as the cameraman in the series before his death.

Chad Boyce Death

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What is the cause of chad Boyce’s death?

The cause of chad Boyce’s death has not been disclosed yet. it’s assumed that he has died because of some ongoing health-related issues.
How did “The 100” fans knew about the death of Chad Boyce?
The fans of the series came to know about his death when the season finale of S4 was dedicated to him saying: In loving memory of Chad Boyce on the end screen.

How old was Chad Boyce when he died?

Chad Boyce was in his mid-thirties when he passed away in 2018.

Which the 100 casts died in real life?

Although not any of the 100 casts died in real life, 2 of the crew members chad Boyce and clay virtue died while working in the set of the 100. 2 of “the 100” episodes were dedicated to them.

What are other works of Chad Boyce?

The other work of chad Boyce includes punch 2002 in which he worked as a trainee in the camera and electrical department.

Chad Boyce Condolences

Many of his friends and families expressed their condolence on Facebook.
  • Joe Fiss: Gonna miss you, buddy love, ya see you again one day gone too soon.
  • Shanna Ashton Grenier: He touched the lives of many including mine? my love and prayers go out to all of the chad’s friends and family.
  • Tyler Beecher: stunned… prayers to his family and friends… his smile could light up a room, he will be missed…
  • Bethany Jane: Rest easy my friend, so many good hugs and chats from you. I am in shock, I hope you are watching down on all of us and I know I will be thinking of you every day.

From what we observe, he seems to be very down to earth person. We express our sympathy for this tragedy.

Till now 2 crew members of the 100 dies during its production.

Previously we tried to cover the death of popular stuntman from the 100 Clay Virtue. You can learn more about him in the link below.

RIP Chad Boyce and Lots of love from our HollywoodMash team.

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Chad Boyce | The 100 | Facts | Age | Wiki | Obituary | Biography

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