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Chad Boyce The 100 Facts

Chad Boyce was born on September 23 of 1978.

Chad Boyce died at the young age of 40.

Chad Boyce was originally from Vancouver, Canada.

The full name of chad Boyce was Chad Phillip Boyce.

The date of Chad Boyce’s death is April 17 of 2018.

Chad Boyce was working as a cameraman in the television series “The 100” when he passed away in 2018.

Chad Boyce’s mother passed away when he’s young.

The memorial of chad Boyce was held on May 26 of 2018 in Polish Hall Fraser Street in Vancouver.

The memorial event was termed as Chad Boyce “Celebration of Life”.

His Memorial was organized by one of his close persons “Dale Shaben”.

According to sources, the cause of chad Boyce’s death was a drug overdose.

Chad Boyce remembrance was shown in the episode 4th of “The 100” season 5.

Chad Boyce also traveled to Kahuna Hawaai before his death.

Chad Boyce also traveled to Osana, Spain, and specially visited the roman temple.

Before his death, chad Boyce traveled to Asia and just returned from the trip a few months before his passing.

Chad Boyce was a fierce Pet Lover.

Chad Boyce used to travel a lot and traveling is one of his hobbies.

Chad Boyce’s father’s name is Larry Boyce.

Chad Boyce worked at the International Cinematographer Guild 669 before his death as the second assistant cameraman.

ICG 669 is a British Columbia based company located in Canada.

ICG 669 is also known for its work on series such as Riverdale, Wynonna Earp, Underwater podcast, etc.

chad boyce the 100 died

Wendy McNeil Maetche said :

My poor cousin. I love you Chad !!! I will never ever forget you. You are now with the angels & your Mom & Grandma. They will take good care of you !!! I will miss you so much ❤️?❤️

Dale Shaben said :

Chad you are so missed, I am still in shock and I will always remember our good times from the time you were a cute little monkey, I would get such a kick out of you and that beautiful smile.. I miss you and u will always be in my heart of hearts.
Your mom passed so young it’s hard to believe now you are gone at such a young age my friend.. God be with you.. ?

In the day of chad Boyce’s death, he said,

It’s a sad day I just found out that a young man I’ve known all of his life,short life overdosed and died. It still doesn’t feel real, his career was just getting started he was a cameraman in the film industry, he just got back from a trip to Asia his first big trip it still doesn’t feel real he was a brilliant brilliant kid.. I don’t have words I’m in shock.. you will be so missed..

chad boyce the 100
chad boyce the 100


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chad boyce the 100 died
chad boyce the 100 died


Chad Boyce Facts

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