Here is Why Chris Evans is Real Life Superhero

Chris Evans is known for playing Captain America in Marvel Cinematic Universe . But there are many instances that shows Chris Evans is not only Superhero in Screen but also in real life. Here are some of the instances that will prove that Chris Evans is really a real-life superhero. He doesn’t shy away from helping others. Here are some of the instances where he helped others in real life.

Shannon Bream used twitter to help a young boy who was dying and his last wish was to meet one of the Avengers.

And Chris Evans was one of the first person to reply .


Here is another heartfelt thing he did

Damon Billeck was one of the Chris Evans greatest fans. He was suffering from the cancer and used to make video for Chris. Here is one of the video where he wishes Chris for his Broadway Debut and also informs him about improving health

Chris Evans directly messaged him and kept in touch with him to know about his health. But unfortunately , he lost his battle with cancer. Chris Evans sends his love for his friends and family.

Chris Evans regularly meets with children who loves Captain America. He also visits hospital to help and meet the people. Here are the some of the image of him meeting children in the hospital

Image result for chris evans cancer kids

Image result for chris evans cancer kids


Image result for chris evans cancer kids

Image result for chris evans hospital kids

Chris Evans also works with different charity to help people in needs.

He is working as much as he could to help children and other who needs help.

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