Mind Blowing Facts About Dead To Me


Dead to me is one of the best Netflix Original series that was debuted on May 3, 2019. It stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as grieving women who bonded with each other at therapy. The series is center around Jen who was recently widowed due to hit and run case and Judy who befriended Jen becomes best friend with Jen. There are many twists and turn in series which will keep you at the edge of the seat . Due to its popularity, series has already been renewed for season 2.

Dead To Me Facts
Dead To Me Facts

If you are a fan of the show then there are many things you may have not known while watching the series. Here are some of the thing you need to know of Dead of Me

  1. On July 17 of 2019, Netflix published that the series was streamed by over 30 million viewers within its first month of release on the streaming platform .
  2. Christina Applegate Who plays Jen Harding, a real estate agent had to take therapy in real life after the show because it triggered other emotional moments in her life .
  3. Christina Applegate and James Marsden have worked together in another project previously called Anchorman 2.
  4. Christina Applegate went through a double mastectomy in real life to combat breast cancer so does her character in the series. It was written in the show at Applegate’s insistence.
  5. If you remember the episode where Jen’s neighbor Karen tells her “it is totally legal to shoot someone if they refuse to leave your house.”  Even though it is true in many states, it’s not consistent with California law (where the show takes place) as of 2019.
  6. Nick tells the Laguna Beach detective that he’s “Former Detective Prager”  because he was “on leave” from the Santa Ana P.D but he will still be police office  If he’s on leave (and hadn’t been fired or retired .

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