10 Series like Lucifer You Must Watch

Series like Lucifer

Lucifer is one of the most popular series across the world. The series found its new fame after it was renewed by Netflix. It was one of the most-watched series online (more than strangers thing and 13RW) in 2019. Fans of the show have been looking for series like Lucifer so we have made a list that Lucifer fans might like.

10 Series Like Lucifer

  1. Forever

    While Lucifer is about crime-solving devil, Forever is about crime-solving immortal. It is one of the best shows I have seen. The series is about Dr. Henry Morgan who is a medical examiner and works with his partner Detective Jo Martinez. Along with solving crime, he also tries to solve the mystery behind his immortality.

    Just like Lucifer, the series was canceled and #SaveForever campaign was started by the fans along with the online petitions. But the efforts of fans were unsuccessful, and the series was forever canceled just after 1 season. You can watch the series in Amazon Prime video.

  2. Grimm

    Grimm is supernatural series like Lucifer that follows a homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt who is descended from a line of guardians known as Grimms and has the responsibility to keep a balance between humanity and the Wesen (mythological creatures of the world).

  3. Castle

    Castle is about the crime-solving duo one is novelist Rick Castle and another is NYPD Detective Kate Beckett.  When Castle is bored with his success, he teams with NYPD to solve the crime. The format of the show is similar to Lucifer along with the romantic chemistry between the leads.

  4. Prodigal Son

    Prodigal Son is a new FOX show that just debuted in 2019 and it is really promising new show. So, let’s hope it won’t get canceled by FOX just like Lucifer. Prodigal Son is about FBI profiler Malcolm Bright, who is the son of a serial killer and suspects that he himself might become a sociopath.

  5. The Mentalist

    When Patrick Jane who used to work as a psychic work with the California Bureau of Investigation to catch a serial killer who murdered his wife. He uses his sharp skills of observation to help solve crimes.


  6. The Umbrella Academy

    The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original show about a super-dysfunctional family of superheroes who have eight days to get it together and save the world. If you are looking for a fun show to watch on Netflix try this show.

  7. Supernatural

    Supernatural is one of the longest-running shows on TV. It has over 300 episodes. The show is about Brothers Dean and Sam who follow in their father’s footsteps to eliminate monsters, demons, and other supernatural entities from the earth.


  8. iZombie

    iZombie is a fun and light series like Lucifer about a medical resident Liv who suddenly turns into a zombie and takes up a job at a morgue to satisfy her craving for consuming fresh human brains. But she discovers that she also absorbs the memories of those she feeds on.

  9. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

    Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is based around the Dirk Gently who claims to investigate obscure cases based on supernatural things. He partners with Todd Brotzman and Farah Black to solve the mystery

  10. Killing Eve

    Killing Eve is one of the most popular and most acclaimed series in recent times. It follows an MI-5 agent named Eve who is obsessed with a serial killer named Villainaile. It’s basically a cat and mouse game, each woman equally obsessed with the other. You watch this series on Netflix as well.

So, These are the 10 series like Lucifer we have listed that you might like.  If you have seen any other series that might be loved by the fanbase of Lucifer then please comment below.

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